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[6 drawings, bound together, depicting (225) three palm-trees: a coconut-palm, a lontar-palm and an areca-palm; (226) Monkey fights a male and a female demon; (227a) Délem spears monkeys; dead demons lie on their backs; (227b) Twalén fights Délem; (...
[6 drawings, depicting (233-234) Anoman is sent to Langka as an envoy. Rama has given him a ring for Sita. Laksmana watches; (234A) Sita, sitting in a pavillion, draws her kris. Two children play at her feet. Luhganda watches; (235) Rawana retreats wit...
[8 drawings, bound together, depicting (237a) Rama, in the presence of Laksmana and Wibisana, orders Anggada to go to Rawana. Another monkey (Sugriwa, Anoman?) watches, Twalén and Mredah are present; (237b) Délem and Sangut guard the monkeys and the ...
96-jarige Balinese man op Noord-Bali
(a) A baris biasa dancer with a lance; (b) A baris biasa dancer with a lance
(a) A barong performer; (b) The musicians accompanying the barong performance
(a) A crane takes fish from a pool and carries them of through the air; (b) The crab has just cut the neck of the wicked crane
(a) A man holding a pig is bitten by a boar; (b) Two men carry a swine hanging on a pole; the swine bites one of the men
(a) A performance of the butterfly-baris (baris kupu atarung). A male dancer chases two girls; (b) Father Ambarsari chases mother Ambarsari. A performance of the butterfly baris (baris kupu atarung)
(a) A procession (makiis) to the sea of a palanquin for the gods; (b) Two corpses are carried towards a cremation tower (wadah)
(a) A tiger kills a tortoise and carries it for a monkey; (b) The monkey prepares tortoise-sateh. The tiger holds a fan and keeps the fire burning with it
(a) A travestite (gandrung) dancer dances with two onlookers (ibingan); (b) The orchestra accompanying the gandrung dance
(a) Ambarsari is beaten by her father with a branch of a tree. She weeps. A performance of the butterfly-baris (baris kupu atarung); (b) Ambarsari weeps at the foot of a tree on a cremation ground. She is consoled by her mother. A performance of the bu...
(a) An arja performance with Panji, Semar and Turas; (b) A man with a bowl with flowers performs a péndét dance
(a) An offering to appease the demons is carried out by a Muslim for two Chinese. A Muslim pangulu recites the Koran for a group of followers; (b) Various types of temporary shrines for offerings for the Balinese: a sanggah cukcuk or carukcuk, a sangga...
(a) Arjuna; (b) Two demons, called the Red One and the Pink One, are shot by arrows; (c) Arjuna is armed with a bow and arrow; (d) Three demons are killed by fire and arrows
(a) Bajramusti; (b) The monkey Mésimuka
(a) Baris dapdap, baris prési and baris panah; (b) Musicians accompany the baris dances
(a) Baris demang is executed by four warriors and by Potét, Prabangsa’s servant; (b) The leader of the Prabangsa dance accompanied by his servants Semar and Turas
(a) Bula énggér; (b) Rangdéng Girah, a witch called the widow of Girah or Jirah