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Madukara takes leave of Nawang Rum. She has to bring a love-letter to Panji
A love scene between Surata and Kokaja in a pavillion
A love scene between the servant Twalén and an old female servant
Anoman, sent as an envoy to Langka, meets Sita. He offers her Rama’s ring as a token of confidence. Sita is attended by Trijata
Bali has defeated Rawana and kneels in front of the god Brahma who lectures him
Bali, performing ascetism, fights Rawana in the ocean
Délem disguised as an ascetic, imitates the behaviour of his lord Rawana by trying to seduce a woman. Sangut kneels and argues
Garuda asks his father Kasyapa for food and takes his leave
Garuda asks is mother for food
Garuda holds the elephant Bawasu and the tortoise Supratika in his claws
Nawang Rum and Madukara are stabbing themselves to death
Niwatakawaca fondles the nymph Supraba who sits on his lap
Panji Madukara who brings him a token of love from Nawang Rum
Rawana asks Sita to marry him; she efuses and feels like killing herself. Rawana is angry. Trijata watches and speaks
Rawana disguised as an ascetic pays Sita a visit. Rawana is accompanied by Sangut
Rawana menaces Bali while he performs ascetism in the ocean
Salya cuts the loincloth which binds him to his wife Satyawati
Surada, the palm wine maker, sits in a tree. He annoys a tiger while another man, called Walacit, watches
Tua Daya and Panas Ati make obeisance to Cupak who has become crownprince