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(a) A barong performer; (b) The musicians accompanying the barong performance
(a) A crane takes fish from a pool and carries them of through the air; (b) The crab has just cut the neck of the wicked crane
(a) A man holding a pig is bitten by a boar; (b) Two men carry a swine hanging on a pole; the swine bites one of the men
(a) An arja performance with Panji, Semar and Turas; (b) A man with a bowl with flowers performs a péndét dance
(a) Candra Kirana threatens Kuda Angling Baya. He is undressed by her servant; (b) A female servant undresses Semar while Turas, already undressed, watches
(a) Durgadéni fights the envoys of the king of Wanokling, Demang Ampuhan and tumenggung Gagak Baning; (b) Durgadéni takes Durma away after the fight
(a) Juarsa cuts the tail of a snake and wounds a second snake; (b) Nagagini speaks to her father Antaboga
(a) Juarsa kneels in front of the snake Antaboga; (b) Juarsa weeps at the sight of a drawing illustrating events from his life
(a) Karang kumangmang, an ornament in the shape of the head of the spirit; (b) Karang buta sungsang an ornament in the shape of an upside-down demon; (c) Karang gelap, an ornament in the shape of a lightning-head; (d) Karang mretiu, an ornament in the ...
(a) Kuda Angling Baya is about to fight the red demon (buta Abang). The demon’s servant watches; (b) The green demon (buta Ijo) of the Bagendra garden chases Semar and Turas
(a) Papaka roasts the two children of the monkey Wanari; (b) The monkey collects fruit. Papaka is carried home by the monkey
(a) Radén Sarka is decapitated by Sara Ulan; (b) Sara Ulan is bewailing Juarsa. Two snakes in a tree show her how to bring her husband back to life
(a) Radén Sarka throws Juarsa from a boat into a swamp. Sara Ulan watches and cries; (b) Sara Ulan threatens Radén Sarka. He sits in a tree and cannot come down, since there is a bush of thorns at the bottom
(a) The fiery tortoise, bedawang nala, is entwined by two snakes; (b) A winged lion, singa barwang
(a) The king of Wanokling sends his patih, Demang Ampuhan and his tumenggung, Gagak Baning to search for Durma; (b) Durma has killed the demons Kala Dremba, Kala Muka and Durgadéni
(a) The monkey Wanari helps Papaka to climb a tree; (b) Papaka sits in the tree. Wanari’s two children pick fruit from the tree while their mother is caught by a tiger
(a) The sage Darmaswami rescues a crab by taking it to water; (b) A crow and a snake discuss their plan to kill the brahman; the crab, hearing this, rescues the brahman by biting through the necks of the crow and of the snake
(a) The sage Darmaswami rescues a monkey and a tiger from a well; (b) The sage Darmaswami, after resuing the tiger, the snake and also the man, is given a head-band, a ring and a kris
(a) Two women pray in a domestic sanctuary. Offerings have been put in front of a shrine. A monkey steals fruit and eats a banana; (b) A snake and a tiger sit to each side of the entrance to the domestic sanctuary
(a) Wewatekan, dating table, the numbers 1, 2, 4 and 4; (b) Wewatekan, dating table, the numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8