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Jayatu kneels in front of Rama and Laksmana to tell them of Sita’s abduction
Subali and Sugriwa fight
Bagadata meets Aswatama
Sayongsarba offers food to Anoman. She is accompanied by Mén Gelabig, Anoman by Mredah
Karna talks to Sakuni
Darmawangsa speaks to Bima
Rawana, disguised as an ascetic, pays Sita a visit
A meeting takes place between Jayaséna and Satyasrawa
Sanga and Drestadyumna face each other
The sage Krepa argues with Duryodana
Laksmana Kumara, and Durmajati
Rama shoots an arrow at Subali who fights Sugriwa. Laksmana and Twalén are watching
Sita orders Laksmana to help Rama
Subadra honours Kunti with a sembah. The latter is accompanied by a female servant
Anoman disguised as a demon meets Rawana. Indrajit, Sangut and the patih Prahasta and Sukasrana and the demon Ungu are watching
Swéta talks with Utara
The servant Twalén, armed with a spear in the shape of a penis fights Délem who is armed with a shield and a kris
Abimanyu kneels in front of Gatotkaca
Nakula and Sadéwa with drawn krisses
Anoman visits Rama and Laksmana. He is sent by Sugriwa to ask Rama for help