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(a) Singa gadarba, half lion, half donkey; (b) Salah rupa, half monkey, half pig
(a) The envoy Langlang Duta, held by three men, is decapitated by Sentul; (b) The princess Ambara Sari dies. Rasa(sa)driya and Soka support her back. Sentul cries
(a) The monkey Sarpamuka; (b) The monkey Bawimuka
(a) The monkey Wresaba; (b) The monkey Saraba
(a) The prince of Ambara Madya is encircled by a snake-arrow. Sekar Kancana and her lover meet him, alone on the battle-field; (b) Ambara Sari and the nymphs Lotama and Supraba watch the fight between the prince of Ambara Madya and Mégantaka
(a) The sage Darmaswami caught by men of the king of Madura; (b) The sage Darmaswami is tortured
(a) Various utensils for ceremonies of the soul: a lamp, an effigy of the soul and an offering tower; (b) A procession carries the ashes of a cremated person to the sea
96-jarige Balinese man op Noord-Bali
A brahman offers medicine to the king of Madura who has been bitten by a snake. The wife of the king and his wife-to-be make their distress plain. The wife-to-be is consoled by a male servant. A priest sitting in front of a shrine holds a pot of holy w...
A bull with a bell round its neck sits and talks with a tiger which faces it
A love scene between Surata and Kokaja in a pavillion
A love scene between the servant Twalén and an old female servant
A meeting between Anoman, who has been enchanted by Swayampraba, and Sampati. Mredah lies on his back and watches
A meeting between Duryodana, accompanied by Aswatama, and Salya. Duryodana is attended by Delém and Salya by Sangut
A meeting between Pratipéya and Dusasana
A meeting takes place between Jayaséna and Satyasrawa
A meeting takes place between Rangga Titah Jiwa and Kebo Angun-Angun
A palmtree in a fence
A tiger disturbs some men and women who make offerings at a shrine (Nang Kején, Dadong Tamlingan, Patih Bramita, Pan Sléndor and Nanang Cubék)
Aanleggen van een weg op Bali