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(a) Baris dapdap, baris prési and baris panah; (b) Musicians accompany the baris dances
(a) Baris demang is executed by four warriors and by Potét, Prabangsa’s servant; (b) The leader of the Prabangsa dance accompanied by his servants Semar and Turas
(a) Games of skill, macongnal and mabénté; (b) Gambling men playing malobang and macontok kobok
(a) Gentayu or Jatayu holds a sword; (b) Kumbakarna
(a) Kampana; (b) Pratadaksi
(a) Karang bréng; (b) Karang saé
(a) Karang gelap, an ornament in the shape of a lightning-head; (b) Karang clepuk, an ornament in the shape of an owl; (c) Karang danawa raja, an ornament in the shape of the head of Rawana; (d) Karang ménda, an ornament in the shape of the head of a ...
(a) Karang sarpa, an ornament in the shape of the head of a snake; (b) Karang rerangut, an ornament in the shape of the head of an animal; (c) Karang rangda, an ornament in the shape of the head of the rangda; (d) Karang domba, an ornament in the shape...
(a) Limbur gives Langlang Duta a kris. She orders him to kill the princess Ambara Sari; (b) The wicked Langlang Duta stabs the sleeping princess to death
(a) Maéndé or magebug, a martial art; (b) Bebengkulan, a martial art
(a) Men in trances stab themselves with krisses during a temple festival; (b) Two men and and a woman stab themselves with krisses; they are accompanied by an orchestra
(a) Men playing a game with Chinese coins on a bat, called macontok pulang; (b) Men playing a dice game called maclebontang
(a) Prahasta; (b) Jambulmali
(a) Puntadaksi; (b) The monkey Anala
(a) Rama and Laksmana split the upside-down demon Wirada in half; (b) Two ascetics walk through the hills. They are going to perform ascetism
(a) Rama threatens Surpanaka who is depicted as a beatiful woman who kneels in front of him. Laksmana watches; (b) Surpanaka changes into her demonic form. She makes a threatening gesture
(a) Rawana flies through the air with Sita; (b) Rama or Kresna
(a) Sarcophagi are depicted which are used for cremating the corpses of noblemen, of brahmans, and of prabali; (b) Sarcophagi are depicted which are used fo cremating the corpses of jaba
(a) Sekar Kancana, disguised as a white eagle, fights Mégantaka who is disguised as a beri-bird; (b) Sekar Kancana threatens Mégantaka who has fallen from his horse. He lies on the ground bound around by a liane. Sentul holds the end of the liane
(a) Sidapaksa takes leave of king Sinduraja. Sidapaksa is accompanied by his servant Twalén and Sinduraja by Délem; (b) Sidapaksa stabs his wife Sri Tanjung to death; (c) The servants of Sidapaksa, Twalén and Mredah, stab a female servant; (d) Sidap...