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"I Ketut Rudin"
"I Ketut Rudin"
"I Ketut Rudin"
"Meroe, Poera Badoeng"
"Op de verjaardag der klappers 'n offer bij 't godenhuis, Poera Klandis"
"Part of the Ramayana ballet"
"Pikolan [met] aardewerkpotten"
"Rama dan Hanoman dalam Tari Ramayana Versi Bali. Rama and Hanoman in Bali version Ramayana dance"
"Sacred Barong"
"Srèt als Galoet in de Ardja, met Kepala Tjeleng (varkenskop)"
"Tempelingang Klandis"
'Balische prinses van Tabanan, Zuid-Bali"
(a) A baris biasa dancer with a lance; (b) A baris biasa dancer with a lance
(a) A performance of the butterfly-baris (baris kupu atarung). A male dancer chases two girls; (b) Father Ambarsari chases mother Ambarsari. A performance of the butterfly baris (baris kupu atarung)
(a) A procession (makiis) to the sea of a palanquin for the gods; (b) Two corpses are carried towards a cremation tower (wadah)
(a) A tiger kills a tortoise and carries it for a monkey; (b) The monkey prepares tortoise-sateh. The tiger holds a fan and keeps the fire burning with it
(a) A travestite (gandrung) dancer dances with two onlookers (ibingan); (b) The orchestra accompanying the gandrung dance
(a) Ambarsari is beaten by her father with a branch of a tree. She weeps. A performance of the butterfly-baris (baris kupu atarung); (b) Ambarsari weeps at the foot of a tree on a cremation ground. She is consoled by her mother. A performance of the bu...
(a) An offering to appease the demons is carried out by a Muslim for two Chinese. A Muslim pangulu recites the Koran for a group of followers; (b) Various types of temporary shrines for offerings for the Balinese: a sanggah cukcuk or carukcuk, a sangga...
(a) Bajramusti; (b) The monkey Mésimuka