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(a) The god Indra, accompanied by his servant Baru, speaks to Arjuna, who is accompanied by Twalén, in Indra’s heaven; (b) Niwatakawaca fondles the nymph Supraba in his lap; Arjuna watches and listens, and holds an arrow. Another nymph watches too; (c...
(a) The god Indra, armed with a club, rides his mount, the elephant; (b) Mredah, the servant of the righthand party, fights Délem, the servant of the lefthand party; (c) The demon Détya Prabu is hit by an arrow in his chest; (d) The demon Détya Pati...
(a) The king of Wanokling sends his patih, Demang Ampuhan and his tumenggung, Gagak Baning to search for Durma; (b) Durma has killed the demons Kala Dremba, Kala Muka and Durgadéni
(a) The monkey Wanari helps Papaka to climb a tree; (b) Papaka sits in the tree. Wanari’s two children pick fruit from the tree while their mother is caught by a tiger
(a) The nymphs Supraba and Lotama test Arjuna’s steadfastness. Arjuna meditates; (b) A nymph of lower rank tries to seduce the servants Twalén and Wana; (c) Arjuna and the god Siwa, disguised as a hunter, have shot an arrow at a swine; (d) Arjuna and ...
(a) The sage Darmaswami rescues a crab by taking it to water; (b) A crow and a snake discuss their plan to kill the brahman; the crab, hearing this, rescues the brahman by biting through the necks of the crow and of the snake
(a) The sage Darmaswami rescues a monkey and a tiger from a well; (b) The sage Darmaswami, after resuing the tiger, the snake and also the man, is given a head-band, a ring and a kris
(a) The snake Ardawalika; (b) Paksindari or paksidarimuka, a figure, half-man, half-animal
(a) The tiger and the deer; (b) The tapir and the pig
(a) Two women pray in a domestic sanctuary. Offerings have been put in front of a shrine. A monkey steals fruit and eats a banana; (b) A snake and a tiger sit to each side of the entrance to the domestic sanctuary
(a) Warak and kekua, a rhinoceros and a land tortoise; (b) Barong, a quadruped with a huge masked face
(a) Wewatekan, dating table, the numbers 1, 2, 4 and 4; (b) Wewatekan, dating table, the numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8
A woman taking a bath is caught by a crab. A man trying to help her is also caught
Madukara takes leave of Nawang Rum. She has to bring a love-letter to Panji
Minarupa muani, a merman; Minarupa luh, a mermaid
[6 drawings, bound together, depicting (225) three palm-trees: a coconut-palm, a lontar-palm and an areca-palm; (226) Monkey fights a male and a female demon; (227a) Délem spears monkeys; dead demons lie on their backs; (227b) Twalén fights Délem; (...
[6 drawings, depicting (233-234) Anoman is sent to Langka as an envoy. Rama has given him a ring for Sita. Laksmana watches; (234A) Sita, sitting in a pavillion, draws her kris. Two children play at her feet. Luhganda watches; (235) Rawana retreats wit...
[8 drawings, bound together, depicting (237a) Rama, in the presence of Laksmana and Wibisana, orders Anggada to go to Rawana. Another monkey (Sugriwa, Anoman?) watches, Twalén and Mredah are present; (237b) Délem and Sangut guard the monkeys and the ...
[Booklet with drawings]
"Bali - anzienlijke vrouw in draagstoel"